Bridge height detection to improve the safety of your vessel

Bridgescout BV is a company specialised in bridge height detection. Based on the latest technological and innovative developments, Bridgescout BV endeavours to increase safety for inland shipping. Based in the Netherlands, Bridgescout BV is developer and manufacturer of the bridge height detection system called Bridgescout®.

Why use Bridgescout®?

Everyone is familiar with bridge collisions and their consequences. Bridgescout® is developed to reduce the number of collisions as well as the risk of collisions. With Bridgescout® you will increase alertness and safety aboard. Bridgescout® not only protects your vessel, but also your personnel. In addition, freight offices are assured that cargo will be shipped safely and in time.

How does Bridgescout® work?

Bridgescout® is suitable for every type of vessel: tanker, dry cargo-, container- and passenger ship. It starts scanning at a distance of 500 meters from an object using a real time scan. Hereby Bridgescout® increases alertness when approaching a bridge. Alertness is an important part of preventing collisions. If the wheelhouse is too high to pass an approaching object, the captain will be informed by an alarm. A Bridgescout® alarm at the outside wing control is possible as well. Bridgescout® provides support at critical moments, for example at night, when visibility on board is limited.

25 years of experience in sensor solutions

Bridgescout BV is part of the Sensor Groep, a company with more than 25 years of knowledge and experience in sensor solutions. The product development policy is motivated by innovative thinking and the experience of its clients.

From now on Bridgescout BV is also your partner for FLIR maritime thermal imaging systems.




Bridgescout BV

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