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The standard for navigation lighting

Den Haan Rotterdam is a family company established in 1922. Starting as a small tinsmith, it has evolved into a globally renowned manufacturer of navigation lights, searchlights, airhorns and a range of nautical lamps made from copper and brass.

Almost a century ago, DHR became famous for its high quality brass & copper products. Nowadays, we manufacture robust and reliable lighting and signalling equipment to perform in the harshest marine environments. By having all processes under one roof, from development to final assembly, we are able to meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

Whether it’s an air horn in the dense and icy fog, a searchlight in the arctic or signalling lights in the blistering heat of the Suez Canal, failure is not an option. We understand the need for quality and its relation to value. Our lighting & signalling systems are made to last!

LED Technology

Less than six years ago, DHR started with the development of a LED product line of navigation lights and has extended this in 2017 with its first LED searchlight. LEDS, also referred to as Light-emitting diodes are more energy efficient, produces less heat and provide more light output. For most applications, this also allows for reduced weight which is becoming more and more important in the maritime market. Overall distinctive features of DHR LED products are their extensive lifetime and increased safety as no bulb replacement is required.

Bright future

Den Haan Rotterdam believes in innovation. Also in the maritime market, where safety plays an important role. Den Haan Rotterdam manufactures Halogen searchlights for over 30 years and are known for their robustness, quality and reliability: key values of maritime products. Traditional light sources are rapidly being replaced by LED technology. This requires a completely different approach in engineering and production. Knowhow and know-why owned by DHR.

At Den Haan Rotterdam, we want to ensure that the products maintain these important market key values. With the release of the 300RCB LED searchlight in 2017, DHR made a step in providing a durable and maintenance free searchlight solution. Now, with a growing demand, DHR is also developing LED based searchlights for smaller vessels. As with all our searchlights, they remain robust, easy in use and straight-forward to install.

The new range of searchlight(s) are expected to be available the first quarter of 2019.




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