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Gebhard Electro has an excellent reputation since 1946. In those seven decades, we have gained a great deal of experience as a specialist in the field of electrical systems for the maritime and industrial sector. We are operating from our main office in Oosterhout, The Netherlands and combine our strengths with our own company in Dalian, P.R. of China.

Total supplier:

Complete projects

We can carry out complete projects for you, whether it is new construction or renovation of existing ships or machines. Our technicians prepare a precise specification and a custom installation is designed on the drawing table. The building process is concluded with a profound program of tests and, following delivery, we spend a great deal of attention on instruction and training.

Complete prefab systems

The advantages of a prefab system are a short delivery time and low costs. Because you as a client can install the system yourself, the cost savings are considerable. Our detailed and clear manuals help you with this. Moreover, the packages are more than complete, because standard parts are delivered with a wide margin. We can deliver the prefab systems anywhere in the world.


For your systems, such as switch boxes or complete consoles, Gebhard delivers all possible components. These are equipped with accurate instructions for the local installers. However, we can also deliver all other electrical components that are part of a complete system anywhere in the world quickly and at attractive prices. Naturally, we use only A-brands, because we attach a great deal of importance to the reliability of a system.

Worldwide service

If you want the certainty of comprehensive, permanent technical support, we can provide that for you. Our service department assists our clients everywhere in the world. This can involve installation, commissioning, training on the use of systems, maintenance or repairing malfunctions. We will find someone to come to you through our global dealer network or we can send our own service technicians if desired.




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