Machinefabriek G. Olthof

A family company established in 1924

Our activities are in the field of main- and auxiliary diesel engines, hydraulic (steering-)gear and service and the renewing of electrical installations.

As an official Mitsubishi and Doosan-Daewoo dealer we deliver diesel engines and auxiliary/emergency gensets at a competitive price level. We deliver both high-speed and medium-speed diesel engines.

As a manufacturer of Fravabo hydraulic steering gear with proportional steering, we have gained a prominent name in both inland shipping and coastal shipping. We also deliver other hydraulic systems for operating winches etc.

We would like to provide you with a summary of our companies’ capabilities and services.

Our service organisation consists of:

– Well-equipped workshops;

– A select group of diesel- and hydraulic engineers and a group of skilled ironworkers;

– Vibration control and correcting equipment for main and auxiliary engines;

– Endoscopic equipment for internal engine investigation including professional report;

– Fitting and alignment of installations with the use of traditional clocks or with modern laser alignment equipment;

– Maintenance and service of Mitsubishi, Doosan-Daewoo, Brons, Stork, Wärtsilä, Bolnes and ABC (ships-)diesel engines and of course also the maintenance and service of other brands of high-speed, medium-speed and low-speed diesel engines.

Olthof offers its services internationally. Our well-educated and well-trained engineers and staff are available 24/7.

Olthof has the know-how in-house and capabilities to satisfy the need of our clients.




Machinefabriek G. Olthof NV

Nijverheidstraat 120-124

2901 AR Capelle aan den IJssel

The Netherlands

+31 (0)10 25 80 258

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